FlickrDeDupr is an application to automatically identify duplicate images in a Flickr account.  It's nothing fancy and relies on the Title being the same along with the DateTaken attribute.  This did the job for me to clean up the mess from the Windows FlickrUploadr which has a habit of failing to upload and then offers you the option to "Try Again" but fails to remove photos that had already been uploaded before trying again.  Hopefully it works for others to help clean up their accounts.

For any feedback for the moment you can reach me via Flickr (add me as a contact to be able to send me a message).

No warranty is given or implied.  Usual disclaimer stuff applies.  As I haven't hade much feedback and haven't had the time to maintain this the source is now avaialable at

This program uses Athena (a LINQ to Flickr) API released under the Apache License.

I'll gladly accept donations via PayPal.  Thanks in advance to anyone that cares to donate something.


Windows (any version that supports .NET 3.5 SP1)
Microsoft .NET 3.5 SP1 (will be automatically installed if you don't have it)
Internet Explorer


1.  Add the following sites to your trusted sites:

If you need info on how Google it.  :)

2.  Simply click here


First Time Use

1.  Install FlickrDeDupr (see above)

2.  Run FlickrDeDupr

3.  The first time you run it you will need to log in to your account (unless you've done so recently in IE) and authorise FlickrDeDupr

4.  You'll need to wait a while depending how many photos you have in your feed, how fast your connection is, etc then you'll get some results like the screenshot below.
5.  You can now review the photos then click the Delete Selected Photos, or if you don't trust the application to delete things you can double click any photo to view it in your browser and delete it from there.  Also note hovering over a photo will display any tags it may have and (as seen above) the date the photo was taken along with when it was uploaded and how many views it's had will be displayed.

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